Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV App Now Available for iPhone

Months after unveiling its TWC TV app for iPad and weeks hence from bringing a non-streaming version of it (“My TWC”) to Android smartphones and tablets, Time Warner Cable announced that TWC TV is now available on the iPhone, as well.

iPhone users who also have broadband Internet in the home can use the app to stream live TV to their device, control the DVR, and even change channels, with that last feature being ideal fodder for surreptitious sibling-on-sibling tomfoolery. The TWC TV app also features an interactive program guide (with show info, show art, and filtering options) and search functionality. There are no fees associated with using the app.

With the introduction of the TWC TV app for iPhone, Time Warner Cable adds to its growing roster of ways to enjoy and/or control TV on devices other than a TV, including the HBO GO and MAX GO apps as well as the aforementioned version of TWC TV for iPad and My TWC for Android smartphones and tablets.

Although the Android My TWC app doesn’t offer streaming capabilities yet, Time Warner Cable indicated that it would be coming early this year as Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) becomes more widely used.