Time Warner Cable Warns Personal Information of 320,000 Customers Possibly Stolen

Time Warner Cable has discovered a breach of customer information. Recently, the service provider sent notices to 320,000 of its customers throughout the U.S. advising them to change the password to their email account. This advice comes after the company discovered someone may have gained unauthorized access to email and password details. The notices are being sent out via email and through direct mail.

This issue particularly affects people with a Roadrunner email account, or those which have the RR.com domain in the address. Time Warner isn’t sure how the breach occurred but has suggested it could have been a result of malware that was downloaded during a phishing attack or through a breach of a third-party who stores customer information. At this time, it does not appear Time Warner Cable’s systems have been breached.

Time Warner Cable

Image Credit: Thomas Belknap/Flickr

Time Warner Cable has been working hard to improve its image in the recent year and announced one-hour service windows, appointment-based callback times, and other customer-friendly options in October. In November, the company also announced a trial that will allow customers to get rid of their cable box (and cable box fee) and use a Roku instead.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve received a letter from Time Warner Cable, if you are concerned you might be affected by this recent breach it would be wise to change the password to your email account as a precaution.