Time Warner Cable To Launch Live Streaming iPad App

It's becoming more and more common: iPad apps from pay-TV providers that allow users to stream television that is saved on their DVR. Pay-TV companies are facing the future of a connected universe that can easily get most of the content they want from the Internet. So, to combat that and prevent users from leaving all at once, they've started to create these enticing additions to convince people to hang around. Time Warner Cable in particular is creating a new app that runs on the iPad, but rather than just playing DVR'd television, it's the first in the industry to play back live TV as well.

Starting Thursday of this week, the app will be free to download, but it will only work for consumers who subscribe to both video and Internet service from TWC. Just have RoadRunner Internet? You're left out. And even if you have both, you still have to stream the content within the home while connected to the company's cable modem via a Wi-Fi router. Rob Marcus, the company's chief operating officer and president, has stated that the app will play back 30 basic cable channels in HD to start, but growth will occur over time.

Sadly, the app doesn't work as a remote nor does it provide access to DVR'd content. This is a live TV app only. Hopefully, the company will be adding those features later on down the road. We have a feeling that they'll need to if they intend to truly compete with DirecTV and the rest of the bunch.