Time Warner Cable Customers Aren't Interested In Usage Caps, Even For a Discount

If you think most Americans are too uneducated about technology to know a scam when they see it, think again. As the world of data caps have crushed the spirits of many home Internet users, Time Warner Cable had been experimenting with a pricing scheme that would lower bills of its broadband customers in exchange for even lower data caps. The deal was as such: those who would agree to a 30GB monthly data cap (as opposed to well over 200GB in a usual plan) would receive a $5 discount per month.

All told, that's a $60 savings per year, but even those offered weren't enticed. At the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet and Telecom Conference, Time Warner Cable's CEO noted that "very few broadband subscribers have opted for its Internet plan that caps data use at 30GB per month." The total who did take the bait? It's a figure in the thousands, which is just a tiny slice of its 11 million U.S.-based customer pie.

TWC is apt to continue toying with discounts and schemes to boost revenue and limit usage, particularly if the TWC-Comcast deal goes through. But, it's still mighty refreshing to hear that folks aren't biting on something like this. Data seems to be the only currency around these days, and if it's squeezed too much, consumers are going to suffer in the long run. Power to the bandwidth, right?