Those Wacky Romanians. What Will They Think Of Next?

eWeek has a funny story about a self-described "Romanian" hacker who posted 15 e-bay users' sensitive personal and financial information on an e-bay forum, along with a bunch of taunts. By "funny," I mean only if you're not those 15 people. For them, it's more like:"very bad."

"read many opinions here.... All I saw it's just [misspelled obscenity]....Alot of things about scamms..stupid things I think. Romanian guys are the best boys !!!! We are in each country...each city...and every day alot of money from your pocket intro in pur bank accounts....You know why ?? I will tell you my opinion...because you are so stupid ..... anyone can scam you very easy....not only with fake escrow and shipping websites.... "For us nothing is not cards...spam....wire transfers... alot of things boys !!! WHy ??? Because we are the best !!!! Let's ask you something : what make the american and canadian boys at 14-15 years old ????? Eat burgers at Mc'Dolnalds and watch naked girls on internet porno webpages.... Romanian guys at 14-15 years old scam people...learn how to build a profesional to hack a internet server...and many more another "bad" things....
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