This time for sure? Latest Verizon iPhone Rumors Heat Up

We have predicted in the past that Verizon would get the iPhone in early 2011.  We based this on just how "generous" AT&T was with iPhone 4 upgrades.  It seems we may have been on the mark.

Bloomberg is reporting that two unnamed sources (what other kind is there?) are telling them that Verizon Wireless will start selling iPhones in January, ending AT&T's exclusive hold on the device.
This would be a major plus for Apple, as well as Verizon.  It's no secret while Apple's partnership with AT&T has been profitable for both companies, AT&T's 3G network has strained under the weight of the iPhone.  It's unclear if Verizon will have better luck with the sheer weight of the iPhone's data load, but many believe it will.

As Verizon has the largest number of subscribers in the U.S. (AT&T is second), it's also believed that a move to Verizon will not just improve reliability on the device, but give Apple a huge subscriber base to expand to.
AT&T earlier stated that they did not believe a mass exodus to Verizon was in the offing, even if Verizon offered the iPhone.  They gave as their reasons the fact that those on family plans would not move, based on both expense and effort.  Perhaps a bigger question is, will Apple redesign the iPhone 4's antenna system for Verizon?  
Of course, we've heard this Verizon iPhone rumor over and over again.  This time, with the suspicious generosity of AT&T, as well as the fact that most believed AT&T's iPhone exclusivity ended this year, anyway, it seems real.  What do you readers think?
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