This Might Be Google's Hot New 5.2-Inch LG Nexus Smartphone

There's been a fair bit of chatter over the last several months about Google's next Nexus device, the 2015 Nexus 5 (codenamed Bullhead), and we may have our first real glimpse of the forthcoming handset. The solo shot of the supposed new Nexus shows off the device's backside and, if it's to be believed, confirms that LG Electronics is in charge of manufacturing.

As always seems to be the case, the picture is a blurry one, though we've certainly seen poorer quality snapshots. The pictured first appeared on an Indonesian user's Google+ account and was picked up and posted to Twitter by Marques Brownlee, a web video producer for MKBHDYT. Here's a look at the photo after a bit of post-processing on our part.

Nexus 5 2015

It's been rumored that LG and Huawei are both working on Nexus devices for the Google, one in charge of a 5.7-inch model and the other tasked with a 5.2-inch handset. The label on the above photo clearly indicates that this one belongs to LG.

There's aren't a ton of details to suggest, though you can make out a bulging camera at the top with laser auto-focus and dual LED flash, what looks to be a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, and a polycarbonate chassis.