This Guy's Fully Functional Nikon DSLR Halloween Costume is Full of Awesome

I don't care what you're planning to dress up as for Halloween, Tyler Card has you beat. Who exactly is Tyler Card and why is his costume so epic that I can feel confident dismissing all others? He's a photography nerd who took some scraps of cardboard and built a working -- yes, WORKING -- Nikon DSLR camera costume, complete with a giant LCD screen!

It also has a built-in flash, shutter-release button, and is capable of wirelessly triggering his Alienbees strobes, he says. This is why I'm convinced Tyler's costume is better than yours, mine, and anything else I'm likely to see between now and October 31st.

His "Making of the Camera Costume" video (embedded above) doesn't go into quite as much detail as I'd like to see from a worklog, but how cool is it to see an LCD screen ripped from an old Dell notebook find new life as a giant DSLR display? Well done, Tyler.

Think you have him beat? Chime in and tell me what you plan to dress up as for Halloween.