AMD Ryzen Embedded Maker Board Looks Like Sweet Raspberry Pi Competition

amd ryzen embedded
Taiwanese firm DFI has just unveiled its latest single board computer (SBC), and it looks to pack quite a punch thanks to its chosen processor. The DFI GHF51 compares favorably to the Raspberry Pi 4 in size, but instead of an ARM-based processor, it includes an AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 Series APU.

DFI says that the processor features a 12W TDP, which means that customers should be able to choose from the Ryzen Embedded R1606G (2-core/4-thread, 3.5GHz boost) or the Ryzen Embedded R1505G (2-core/4-thread, 3.3GHz boost). Both feature a TDP range of 12 to 25 watts and integrated Vega 3 graphics.


The board itself measures 84mm x 55mm and manages to incorporate up to 8GB of single-channel DDR4-3200 memory (2GB and 4GB configurations also supported), up to 64GB eMMC (16GB and 32GB configurations also available), Intel GbE, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C support, and dual micro-HDMI 1.4 ports (4096 x 2160 @ 24Hz). Other features include a mini PCIe slot, 8-bit Digital I/O, TPM 2.0 chip, and an SPI interface. 

According to DFI, the GHF51 supported both Linux and Windows 10 (including Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 64-bit). Linux Gizmos, which first unearthed the GHF51, says that board will ship during Q3, although pricing hasn't been announced at this time.

We recently revisited the Ryzen Embedded R1000 Series when new APUs wound up inside Mini PCs from Sapphire and Simply NUC. Both of these Mini PCs can be had with AMD's newest embedded APUs, which sit at the entry-level position in the R1000 Series. The Ryzen Embedded R1102 is a 2-core/2-thread APU, while the Ryzen Embedded R1305G is a 2-core/4-thread APU. The former has a TDP of just 6W, while the latter ranges from 8W to 10W.