Thermaltake Tsunami Case, ABIT KV8Pro Mobo and More

Good morning everyone, how was your night?  Today is the first day off I have had in nearly two weeks, my "Saturday" of sorts.  However, there is some HH work that needs tending too, so I can not stay and chat at this moment.  Go grab a coffee and settle in for a little while, here is your AM shot of juice...

 Thermaltake Tsunami Case Review @ VR-Zone Hardware

"The back panel of the Tsunami is standard in design, with the only exception being the attached keys that come with the case. There are two sets of keys (with two keys per set). One set will unlock the front panel and the other will unlock the side panel. The side panel lock is a good idea especially if you want to protect your equipment at LAN parties, but the front panel lock is really unnecessary."

 Poseidon WCL-02/03 round up @ PCUnleash

"New Poseidon cooler has a lot of advantages. While water cooling is typically targeted for a small audience, comprised of extreme enthusiasts, the WCL series is targeted for everyone. It is designed in a way that makes its installation easier than ever before. Water cooling has just gotten friendlier, I dare say. I am starting to believe that 3Rsystem is the pioneer in this field and I have no doubt these water cooling kits will attract many more users to the world of water cooling."

 ABIT KV8Pro Motherboard Review @

"Stretching its Athlon64 roots, ABIT offers a VIA chipset-based KV8 Pro that expands the HyperTransport bus to 1000MHz along with some other things. Is this enough to make the KV8 Pro stand out among the competition? The ABIT KV8 Pro has once again proven what is starting to become "The ABIT Experience:" Practically perfect out-of-the-box, good overclocking, highly stable, and all-around good performance."

 AOpen Aeolus GeForce 6800 GT 256MB @

"AOpen has achieved a low price by running with a completely reference card in every way, shape and form. The associated bundle, however, is non-reference. AOpen manages to bundle in a couple of reasonable retail games. That's more than can be said for a number of NVIDIA's other partners. Benchmark performance, by dint of the card's default 350MHz core and 1000MHz memory clocks, was also strictly reference, although reference equates to a massive step up from the previous generation's cards. Purchasing the second-highest card in the range often leads to decent overclocking results, as it often uses the same technology and setup as the premier card but runs at slightly slower speeds. That was the case here. 411MHz core and 1100MHz memory put the Aeolus GT above a default Ultra's clocks."

 Steelpad S&S @ Bjorn3D

"If you are a gamer, you know that a good mouse pad is part of successful fragging. Ever since the introduction of optical mice, gamers around the world have been seeking depthless and smooth surfaces -- not always necessary however. The mouse pad sector has grown big -- plenty of competition, companies coming up with new solutions and materials for their pads. Expensive mouse pads aren't exactly a necessity for RPG enthusiasts. Nonetheless, it's fun to glide your mouse on a comfortable surface."

That's all for the moment my friends.  I will see you back here later today :) - Cheers

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