Thermaltake Mid-Tower Chassis Has Integrated SATA HDD Dock

Thermaltake is really known for two things: cases, and the Level 10. The Level 10 really put the company on the map this year, as it's easily the most incredible, towering PC chassis to be sold at large to the adoring public. But not every person is interested in a giant, $500+ case. So Thermaltake is continuing to innovate, bringing out new options for those who haven't seen a reason to upgrade their enclosure in a decade.

The company's newest mid-tower is a real winner: the V9 BlacX Edition. It's the world's first mid-tower chassis to have an integrated dual-bay docking station right in the front, which allows for easy swapping of 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drives. If you've ever had a spare HDD just laying around, but found it too difficult to fully install on the inside of a case just to check for a lost file, this is your answer. A number of SATA HDD docks have shipped in the past year, but those require USB connections along with power ports; this solution is fully integrated, and it's something we wish all cases offered.

The case even has a blue-coded USB port on the front for signifying that USB 3.0 is present, and the magic doesn't stop on the outside. The case also offers 10 storage bays and 7 PCI expansion slots, so even those with more peripherals than can be easily counted should be okay here. The case is expected to ship in August for $99, which is a steal given that integrated docking station alone.