Thecus N4100 NAS, Cloning WindowsXP

After hearing much criticism over Anti-Piracy techniques, Sony has decided to release a patch that will reveal hidden files that certain music CDs are now installing. As many of you know, Sony's recent attempt at stopping piracy involves the installation of Anti-Piracy software that comes with a growing number of music CDs. The problem with the software, is various(and valid) security concerns. More on the story here, and click here for information on the patch. Goodnight all!

Beginners Guides: Cloning WindowsXP @ PCSTATS

"If you upgrade your operating system hard disk, chances are the new one will be both faster and larger than your original disk. Since you can have multiple drives in your system, it makes sense to keep WindowsXP on the fastest drive, since its speed will make the most difference in that configuration. Trouble is, WindowsXP can't just be copied over from your old drive to the new one. There are essential files which will not be created on the new disk if you try this. So what to do? Follow along as we walk you through an easy process to simplify your life, so you can get back to work."

Thecus N4100 NAS @ Hardware Zone

"The Thecus N4100 is a small and easy-to-use network storage appliance that supports four SATA hard disk drives. It supports either RAID 0, 1, 5 or JBOD configurations and will share across most major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Find out more in this review."