The Z Gaming Mouse Claims To Be The Most Advanced Ever And It's Kicking Butt On Kickstarter

Swiftpoint Ltd. recently released a Kickstarter project for what its considers the “most advanced gaming mouse ever made”. The Z mouse will allow users to interact with their computers in a more precise and intuitive manner, and is the first mouse that can pivot, tilt, and roll.


The Z could potentially be revolutionary for avid gamers. Users can tilt left and right for fast mode changes without using their fingers. They can assign any action to tilt or use a modifier key. The Z can also sense when a player is pivoting it left or right. This means that players can run straight ahead and at the same time look left and right with analog control.


The Z is aware when it is in the air as well. Players can simply lift up the mouse for air control or use The Z, in-air, for accurate camera control in spectator mode. Players can attach a 3-axis extender to the bottom of the mouse for a full flight or space simulator experience.

The Z also includes a new type of trigger button that can be used by straightening one’s finger. Users can access over fifty different actions by combining pivot and tilt with trigger and fingertip buttons. The mouse provides tactile feedback as well so that users will know when they have made a “deeper click” -- this can all be accomplished while maintaining a full grip on the mouse.


Professionals could also benefit from the Z mouse, since force-sensitive buttons make it easier to create illustrations in Photoshop and Illustrator. Panning, zooming and rotation are more intuitive in CAD and Desktop Publishing and the 6-axis in-air control helps users design and manipulate 3D objects.

The mouse will be compatible with Windows 7 and above, OS X, and Linux. At this time over 1,400 people have pledged over $233,000 (USD) to the project. The Kickstarter will be open until August 11th and the mouse is set to release this coming December. For more information or to support the Kickstarter, click here.