The Ultimate Computer Desk - Literally

Yes, this was a monumental waste of good hardware and the average enthusiast will never have access to the resources necessary to pull something like this off, but the end result is so cool you just have to check this out.  Matt Tovey is an HPC and Storage IT specialist currently living near Munich, Germany.  He recently worked on a project where he had to replace literally hundreds of Itanium processors to build a large super-computer.  Instead of discarding the old processors, as was the original plan, he instead built a custom desk and tiled it with the CPUs...

"In March 2007, a project to upgrade one of our customer's computers began. The upgrade took several weeks, with dozens of people working around the clock, resulting one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. But that is another story.

Along the way several hundred Itanium CPUs, in perfect working order, were going to be scrapped. I figured I could find a better end for them than the scrap-yard, and having seen Windell's computer chip trivet article thought I'd see if I couldn't improve my desktop by tiling it with the old CPUs."

We don't even want to think about how much all of those processors cost when they were originally purchased.  The guy could have a million dollars worth of hardware sitting under that mouse.

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