The State of DX10 - Image Quality & Performance

When DirectX 10 was first introduced to the market by graphics manufacturers and subsequently supported by Windows Vista, it was generally  understood that adoption by game developers was going to be more of a slow  migration than a quick flip of a switch. That said, nearly a year later, the  question is how far have we come?

In this HotHardware article, we showcase  many of the most popular DX10-capable games, like Bioshock, World In  Conflict, Call of Juarez, Lost Planet, and Company of Heroes, and feature current image quality comparisons versus DX9 modes with each.  The article also  details the associated performance levels across many of the more popular graphics cards, from both the mid-range and high-end.  After digesting all of the data, you be the judge. Are we there yet?

The State of DirectX 10 - Image Quality & Performance