The Sony Controversy, How to Build a Small Network, and more!

Well folks, it's time to cover what's been going on this weekend. Sony has decided to stop(temporarily) including their controversial software with their CDs. No word on what kind of software they'll include next. In a related subject, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has dissected part of the Sony-BMG EULA. Wonderful stuff, really. Anyone remember the good old days when your buddy would put a couple songs on a tape for you, and no one even cared? These days it seems like it was only a wonderful dream. In a time with enforced restrictions, secret software, and machines that can decipher the latest Pop Hit, the music scene doesn't seem to have the same magic it once did.

HotHardware Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS Review Roundup - Update!

"Hey folks, we've gone back and updated our Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS roundup and added a few more reviews to the list. If your still looking for information on Nvidia's latest addition to the 6800 series, click the link to find all the reviews you'll need to help you make an informed decision."

2gb OCZ Rally Drive @ Club Overclocker

"When USB Flash Drives first came out, I thought they were pretty cool, but the high cost and small storage prevented most people from putting it on their wish list. Now that they have been out for a few year, cost has gone down and the storage space has gone up significantly. With flash drives exceeding 1gb, they are the perfect companion that easily replaces the floppy and even the zip."

Shuttle XPC SD11G5 (Intel 915GM - Socket 479) @ Hardware Zone

"Shuttle is undoubtedly the master of SFF systems with a huge range to suite every need, but they've never had one to the tune of the XPC SD11G5. Based on the Pentium M platform, this could very well be the most ideal SFF in every aspect, but with one caveat."

How to Build a Small Network Using a Broadband Router @ Hardware Secrets

"Learn how to build your own network using a broadband router, allowing you to share Internet access, files and printers among your computers."


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