The Sky's the Limit for Google Stock

When Google stock first appeared, it seemed overpriced to many. It wasn't company valuation per se, but the price per share --- which basically meant it was difficult for the small investor to buy any large quantity of shares. Yet Google has not split its shares, and its price continues to soar.

The Mountain View-based company's shares traded as high as $601.45 before slipping back to $600.33 in early afternoon trading, a gain of $6.28. It marked the sixth time in the past 12 trading sessions that the stock has reached a new peak, indicating investors are confident Google's third-quarter profit will be impressive. The results are scheduled to be released Oct. 18.

The latest milestone served as yet another reminder of the immense wealth created since Google went public in August 2004.

Does anyone want to start a pool for when Google stock will surpass Berkshire Hathaway's price? Or, alternatively, bet if Google will ever split?
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