THE SHACK Takes Over RadioShack's Aged Brand

Given that "radios" lost their glitz decades ago, we'd say a RadioShack re-branding is long overdue. Announced today after a flurry of rumors, RadioShack Corporation has decided to completely overhaul its brand, its mission and in some ways, its purpose. Moving forward, you'll see less of the aged RadioShack branding and more of "THE SHACK," a hip new label that will hopefully encourage more consumer electronics shoppers to stop by and check out items that fit their lifestyle. Previously, RadioShack was best known for odd-and-end adapters and batteries; now, THE SHACK is looking to be your go-to store when it comes to electronics accessories.

It's a tough battle, for sure. The accessory market is as crowded as ever, with nearly every store from Best Buy to even Apple Stores offering shelves upon shelves of high-margin add-on devices. Starting officially on August 6th, the company will begin re-branding itself via an integrated television, print and digital media schedule, as well as a high-profile, three-day launch event taking place in New York City and San Francisco. Lee Applbaum, RadioShack's Chief Marketing Officer, clarified the intentions a bit with this quote:

"This creative is not about changing our name. Rather, we're contemporizing the way we want people to think about our brand. THE SHACK speaks to consumers in a fresh, new voice and distinctive creative look that reinforces RadioShack's authority in innovative products, leading brands and knowledgeable, helpful associates. We have tremendous equity in consumers' minds around cables, parts and batteries, but it's critically important that we help them to understand the role that we play in keeping people connected in this highly mobile world. You will see a real focus on mobility and wireless products from leading brands in our new advertising."

If you'll recall, hints of this started when the company suddenly signed T-Mobile USA on to its list of wireless carriers as part of its strategy to increase its authority and share in mobility and connectivity. So, do you see yourself venturing into the "new" RadioShack? Does the re-focusing pique your interest?