'The Revolution is Coming' Says Windows Phone 7 Ad

The first of what will undoubtedly be many Windows Phone 7 ads has been released to the Web, and it promises that "The revolution is coming." That statement is strange because many feel that iOS was the smartphone platform that first revolutionized things in that industry.

The ad is very simple, and while it's been reported that the ad won't air on television, we know it will be the first of many. Microsoft is reportedly throwing tons of money at Windows Phone marketing and development.

Still, it's hard to see how revolutionary Windows Phone can be; iPhone and then webOS and Android have set the bar rather high. Microsoft isn't exactly starting off on a good note by excluding copy-and-paste and multitasking for third-party applications from the platform's first release.

Watch the advetisement. Do you feel a revolution is coming, HH Readers?