The PlayStation 4 Continues to Edge Out the Xbox One, But Will it Last?

From the get-go of the launch of Microsoft's and Sony's next-gen consoles, it's seemed like the PlayStation 4 has had a comfortable lead. Part of the reason owes its thanks to the fact that Sony's console has cost $100 less - that's a big deal when it means the excess cash could be used for more games or accessories.

Well, as we learned a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft will soon be releasing a Kinect-free Xbox One that will be priced the same as the PlayStation 4. When this happens, price will no longer be a factor when someone is looking to choose between the two. Better still, Microsoft's dropped the Xbox Live requirement for those who simply want online capabilities to take advantage of services like Hulu or Netflix. That's major, and long overdue.

Xbox One's Titanfall

Given all that, it appears that the PlayStation 4's dominance is in question; or, at least, Sony will have to work even harder to retain the lead. But, there are many other factors to look at. Sony's console, for example, is more powerful. This isn't just an "on paper" perk, because we've seen that the PS4 has been able to run games at higher resolutions than the Xbox One. Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs is a good example; the Xbox One will be relegated to 792p, whereas the PlayStation 4 will run the game at 900p.

Outside of its beefier core, though, Microsoft has arguably offered the better all-around package, even ignoring Kinect. Even something as simple as achievements seems more interesting on the Xbox - something that shouldn't be much of a surprise since it was the Xbox 360 that really popularized achievements in general.

PlayStation 4's inFAMOUS: Second Son

At the end of the day, games are what matter to most people, and so far, the PlayStation 4 seems to have had the better selection. Microsoft hoped that Titanfall would help solidify the Xbox One as the definitive choice for next-gen, but it really didn't happen, and from an outsiders view, it seems like interest has waned dramatically (the same could be said about the game on the PC, as well). Halo 5: Guardians was recently announced, but as that's not set to come out for at least another year, it's not helping Microsoft accomplish anything in the near-term.

Admittedly, while inFAMOUS: Second Son was a fantastic hit for the PlayStation 4, neither console seems to have a great advantage over the other in the months ahead, as many of the biggest games are available on both consoles. The closest exception that I'm aware of for the PS4 is Driveclub, due this fall. On the Xbox Side, there's Sunset Overdrive, an open-world shooter, also due this fall.

When looking at the game title situation at the moment, it's no wonder Microsoft decided to ease up its online restrictions, and also decide to release a $400 Xbox One. It's clear that both Microsoft and Sony need to work on getting more exclusives, though, and more exclusive software features wouldn't hurt, either.