The New York Times Drops App Support For BlackBerry And Palm Pre

It's never fun to say goodbye to an old friend, but sometimes, it's necessary. The same is true when it comes to technology. The floppy disc was a good pal, but there came a point where it just wasn't needed. The same could be said of webOS, now that Palm was swallowed by HP and effectively shut down altogether. So, it probably comes as no surprise to hear that The New York Times has decided to stop supporting the NYTimes app for Palm Pre. The Pre had a good run, and it sure caused a great deal of technology lovers to smile, but it just never gained the traction necessary to give the iPhone and Google's Android cadre a run for their money.

But here's the shocker: the newspaper is also halting support for RIM's BlackBerry. Just five years ago, the BlackBerry was one of the most prominent smartphones around. BBM was huge, its email management couldn't be topped, and the keyboard was hailed as world-class. You don't need us to remind you how far RIM has fallen. While waiting for BlackBerry 10, it's handing over U.S. market share to iOS and Android. And evidently, even The New York Times doesn't believe RIM's mobile OS has a future. The NYTimes BlackBerry app and the DealBook BlackBerry Reader will no longer be supported, which is basically saying that it has no faith in RIM's future.

Will RIM still be able to make a comeback and prove pundits like these wrong? Perhaps, but we'll have to wait until early 2013 before the company even ships a single BB 10 handset. Tough to say if the world will be waiting...
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