The iPhone's Got a Ganja-Finding App!

Now what isn't there an iPhone app for? This new iPhone app, "Cannabis," will help you score some pot (medicinal, only, however).

Yes, states like California have laws on the books that allow use of marijuana for medical reasons. While the feds don't necessarily agree on the law, Attorney General Eric Holder said the feds would no longer pursue people who were meeting the laws as defined in their states.

The location-based app will definitely help you find co-ops and the like where you can get your prescription filled. But it go further than that: if your state or locality does not have laws in place to allow legal marijuana use for medical reasons, the app will direct you to the nearest cannabis organization so you can work towards reform.

Heck, states like California are even considering taxing marijuana so they can close their budget gaps.

Here's the description of Cannabis:
Looking for your cannabis medicine? Need to find a doctor? Have legal issues? Cannabis Apps has cultivated an iPhone application that allows you to quickly locate the nearest medical cannabis collectives, cooperatives, doctors, clinics, attorneys, organizations, and other patient services in states that have passed medical marijuana (cannabis) legislation. Information is continuously updated and supplied by,, and the Patient ID Center.

For those states without medical marijuana laws, users can locate the nearest cannabis organization to get active and take action towards reform. Traveling internationally? Locate the nearest legal cannabis coffee shop. “Cannabis” is a handy travel companion in regions that have decriminalized.

  • Locate Medical Cannabis Collectives and Cooperatives
  • Locate Doctors and Clinics
  • Locate Attorneys and Organizations
  • Search by City
  • Search by Zip
  • Bookmark Listings
  • Add Listings to Contacts
  • Lookup Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Websites for a 1000+ listings
  • Directory Tended by Patient ID Center
  • Supplied by / database
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Ajnag is a socially responsible organization, and does not promote the illegal use of cannabis by minors or adults without a recommendation from a qualified physician.
Priced at $2.99, it will certainly help you if you're in unfamiliar (though legal) territory.