The Internet. You Know; For Girls

The New York Times looked at the Pew Internet and American Life Project's profile of young Internet users, and to their surprise, they discovered that teenage girls outnumber teenage boys in writing blogs and webpages, and building or working on social networking sites.  The only category of Internet activity where boys lead is posting more videos, by a factor of two to one.

“Most guys don’t have patience for this kind of thing,” said Nicole Dominguez, 13, of Miramar, Fla., whose hobbies include designing free icons, layouts and “glitters” (shimmering animations) for the Web and MySpace pages of other teenagers. “It’s really hard.”

Nicole posts her graphics, as well as her own HTML and CSS computer coding pointers (she is self-taught), on the pink and violet, a domain her mother bought for her in October.

“If you did a poll I think you’d find that boys rarely have sites,” she said. “It’s mostly girls.”

I'm not sure if Nicole means glitters are hard to make, or hard to look at. I vote the latter. But of course, I'm not a teenage girl, what would I know about it? But I agree, the Internet is for girls now. I have noticed that on many of the most popular websites that men visit-- young and old --  there are nothing but girls on them. Lots and lots of girls. I wonder how the Pew study counted those. 
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