The Inq : MS Admits Vista Is A Dud?

The Inquirer's Charlie Demerjian has some interesting insight to recent actions by Dell and Microsoft...
"With two overlapping events, Microsoft admitted what we have been saying all along, Vista, aka Windows MeII, is a joke that no one wants. It did two unprecedented things this week that frankly stunned us.
Dell announced that it would be offering XP again on home PCs. The second that Vista came out, Microsoft makes it very hard for you to sell anything other than MeII. It can't do this on the business side because it would be laughed out the door, but for the walking sheep class, well, you take what you are shovelled."
He goes on to mention the $3 government purchased student bundle program Bill Gates recently announced in Beijing, citing the combination of events as a sure sign that MS is not as powerful as it once was. MS is a company with deep pockets and has demonstrated the ability to change if it so desires, so we shall see what lessons MS learns from this. 

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