The Great HDCP Fiasco

Some interesting reading over at FiringSquad today regarding HDCP and the current level of support for the technology offered by ATI and NVIDIA.  HDCP support has been listed in both company's GPU specification for years, but did you know there is virtually no board level support for HDCP at this time?

"HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection and is an Intel-initiated program that was developed with Silicon Image. This content protection system is mandatory for high-definition playback of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray discs. If you want to watch movies at 1980x1080, your system will need to support HDCP. If you don't have HDCP support, you'll only get a quarter of the resolution. A 75% loss in pixel density is a pretty big deal - Wouldn't you be angry if your car was advertised as doing 16 mpg, and you only got 4 mpg? Or if you bought a 2 GHz CPU and found out that it only ran at 500 MHz?"