The Force Goes With TomTom GPS Units: Voices Guide You To The Dark Side

The route less traveled, to take? That may not sound like something your existing GPS voice would say, but it's certainly something Yoda would say. Having unusual voice characters speak to you through your GPS system isn't entirely new, but TomTom's latest is probably the nerdiest yet. Star Wars characters guiding you around from point to point, in their own unique voice signatures? It's a George Lucas fan's dream come true, and considering that we're nowhere near April 1st, this is definitely the real deal.

TomTom users in Europe can already download a number of voice packs, with Darth Vadar, C-3PO, Yoda and Han Solo up for grabs right now. We have to admit that a few of those are probably hard to actually decipher, but you can't argue that these would be fun to listen to. Until you got really lost, and then became frustrated by these guys not taking your plight seriously. Nothing like hearing Yoda yell "recalculating" at you 18 times as you're trying to find that random cleaning service in the middle of the city.

The voice packs are available now for for just under 10 Euros, but there's no mention of when or if they'll make an official debut in the US.
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