The Facts About MySpace

The MySpace scene has just exploded in the past year, inhabited mostly by those in their teens. It's a great place to keep up with old friends, find new friends, and even advertise music. But like with most things on the internet, there are some problems associated with it. has spent some time writing about the site, and provides some de

"The latest hangout for tweens and teens isn't the mall in downtown or any particular club, but rather the chaotic world of cyberspace, at a website called As the hottest social networking site on the web, MySpace has accumulated an estimated 54 million users in just three years of existence, with many users falling within the teen and twenty-something crowds and approximately 19% under the age of 17. MySpace is a wonderful place to meet others of like mind and interest, but with this sharing of interests come other dangers that are heightened by the unregulated nature of the Internet and the ready availability of personal information online."

Personally I've seen more and more being written about MySpace in the past few months. One common story I constantly see on the news or read in the paper, are people getting in trouble because of content they put on MySpace. My advice: If there's something your boss/school/family wouldn't be to happy to see, don't put it up on MySpace.

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