The Facebook Messenger Transition Deadline is Looming

Facebook warned us this past spring that it would soon be getting rid of the ability to message others through its primary mobile app, and now, it updates us to let us know that the feature is really on its deathbed. Transition to Facebook Messenger, or else.

Since Facebook's launch, the service has become a lot more than just a news feed. There are many who now make use of the service to keep in direct contact with others, even preferring to go that route rather than to stick to email. It's for reasons like that why Facebook so badly wanted to separate the messaging component from the main app, and in turn create a dedicated app. For some, having to navigate through the main app first isn't ideal, when quick messaging is the goal.

Nonetheless, I personally believe that Facebook shouldn't force this transition, because not everyone (including me) wants to have two separate apps for the same service. I have enjoyed having a singular app that lets me both browse the main feed and message people, and if at all possible, I'd prefer to keep it that way. Requiring a separate app isn't a major deal, but when I don't feel like I need it, it kind of rubs me the wrong way.

With competing apps, including Facebook-acquired WhatsApp, the company's goals are understandable - but again, I don't see the point of forcing the hand of those who might not like that design. Oh well - as I said above, "Transition to Facebook Messenger, or else."

The actual final date for the transition seems unclear, but if you want to retain messaging capabilities, there's little reason to hold out any longer.