The Emptiness of Internet Communication

CNN news has a good write-up of just how empty internet communication can be. While the internet is a great way to keep in contact with distant friends or relatives, and even have a quick chat with people close to you, there is still the lack of depth that face to face interaction presents. Those of you with a fading interest in MySpace will probably relate to the article.

"The superficial emptiness clouded the excitement I had once felt," Henderson wrote in a column in the student newspaper at Iowa State University, where he studies history. "It seems we have lost, to some degree, that special depth that true friendship entails." Across campus, journalism professor Michael Bugeja -- long an advocate of face-to-face communication -- read Henderson's column and saw it as a "ray of hope." It's one of a few signs, he says, that some members of the tech generation are starting to see the value of quality face time.