The Definitive Multi-GPU Roundup: Part 2

The second part of the Definitive Multi-GPU Roundup is now available. In case you missed our coverage of part one, the Definitive Multi-GPU Roundup is a nine part series that will be written by nine different computer hardware websites in an attempt to comprehensively analyze and compare multi-GPU technology from ATI and NVIDIA.

Part two of this ambitious project focuses on the technologies and setups that will be tested in later installments of the series. The heart of the article was devoted to discussing and comparing ATI's CrossFire and NVIDIA's SLI. The article then goes on to explain the three price points that will be explored in the series; $1000, $2000 & 'unlimited budget'.

The next part of the series will discuss platform performance and will be available later this week, so stay tuned! Check out our coverage of part one for a breakdown of each installment in the nine part series.