The Definitive Multi-GPU Roundup: Part 1

Josh from Penstar System wrote in to tell us about the first of a series of articles they're launching, in conjunction with nine other web sites, covering current Multi-GPU system setups, architectures and their respective value proposition.  This article looks to have ambitious goals and we're hopeful you all can take away something from the collective effort put forth from these sites.  We've also covered many multi-GPU architectures over the past, on both sides of the fence.  Go here to our Graphics section for starters and our CrossFire and SLI ready Motherboards articles can be found here.

"Today we are kicking off the opening installation of a 9 part series from 9 different sites worldwide covering the Multi-GPU market from top to bottom. Covering over 60 benchmarks and applications with six complete test systems, this is the definitive coverage of multi-GPU systems to date. Our introduction sets the stage for a series of articles covering the technology, performance, and features of complete mult-GPU systems. In the coming weeks we will see coverage that has never been attempted before on this exciting technology offered by ATI and NVIDIA.

We are calling this the Definitive Multi-GPU Roundup because we will be testing over 60 applications and benchmarks covering not only video performance, but basic system performance as well. We are trying to do a thorough coverage of the ecosystem that surrounds both ATI's CrossFire and NVIDIA's SLI, and hopefully enlighten readers as to what each offers."

Upcoming Articles

The installments will be released every other day, during the work week. The next installment, part two of the series, will be available this Wednesday. The following is a breakdown of each installment of the series.

Part 2: "Tim Smalley of Bit-Tech will be covering the GPU's utilized throughout these articles. He will explain the reasons we chose what we did, as well as what advantages and disadvantages each choice has."

Part 3: "Bjorn Endre of Bjorn3D is testing the motherboards and processors. He will not only cover performance, but the feature-sets offered between the different price points, as well as the competitors from the CrossFire and SLI series."

Part 4: "Jon Fabricious Fog of HardInfo will cover the common benchmarks and applications that are seen throughout most reviews. This should be a very large article, and Jon certainly has his work cut out for him."

Part 5: "Howard Ha of Neoseeker shows up next taking a look at applications which are high on the Xfire list of games being played by gamers today. These may not be the most graphically stunning or cutting edge, but they are applications which a lot of people are playing."

Parts 6, 7, 8: "Mike Chambers of NVNews, Mark Thorne of Rage3D, and Brian Wallace of Legit Reviews will be covering the more uncommon benchmarks and applications. I am sure this series of articles will really show which setups are well supported, and what ones may fall behind."

Part 9: "Finally Hilbert Hagedoorn of Guru of 3D will be providing the conclusion and wrap-up of the series. He will be presenting the report card on each of the setups from both sides of the fence, as well as expose what beauty marks and welts each one has."