Man of Medan Looks Like A Thrilling Horror Movie Style Co-op Gaming Experience

Fans of games that don't fall into the MMO or shooter genres looking for something to try out will want to keep an eye on the calendar for August 30. On that day, a game called "The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan" launches from Supermassive Games. The game is said to be a horror-adventure anthology series that is a spiritual successor to "Until Dawn" that launched in 2015.

the dark pictures

The game is hosted by a voice called the Curator that hints at the grim circumstances of each episode of the game and players get to make their own decisions in the game. Player decisions control if the characters live or die. GameSpot and IGN got to spend time with the game, and it sounds like something different that will be welcome in late summer.

the dark pictures underwater

The game lets you play with another gamer or go it alone. If you play co-op, you and the other player are operating the characters on screen. The game also offers a Movie Night mode that allows for local play with two to five players. Each episode of the game is standalone and are connected via the same Curator. Gamespot likens the game to episodes of Creepshow or Tales from the Crypt.

The episode that both publications got to try out is set during WWII. Players take control of a pair of GIs on leave in the South Pacific as the game starts. The prolog focuses on something spooky going on with their battleship and sets the stage for the main characters in the game years later.

IGN notes that if you kill a character by making bad decisions, you also kill that character for your partner in co-op mode. The Dark Pictures will launch on PS4, PC, and Xbox One and is published by Bandai Namco Games.

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