The CPU vs. GPU War Is On! Well, Almost

AMD has already announced that they plan to integrate a CPU and GPU onto a single chip and Intel has hinted at a similar solution as well.  And we all know that ATI and NVIDIA have GPGPU initiatives already in place. It seems that this shift in the computing model has Intel intrigued so to speak, and Doug Carmean - Chief Architect in the Visual Computing Group - has been speaking on the subject. The gang at Beyond3D snagged Doug's preso and have the most interesting slides available for your perusal.

"Back in February we reported that Intel's Douglas Carmean, new Chief Architect of their Visual Computing Group (VCG) in charge of GPU development at Intel, had been touring universities giving a presentation called "Future CPU Architectures -- The Shift from Traditional Models". Since then he's added a few more major university stops, and now the feared B3D ninjas have caught up with him. Our shadow warriors have scored a copy of Carmean's presentation, and we've selected the juicy bits for your enjoyment and edification regarding the showdown that Intel sees as already underway between CPU and GPU makers."

You had to know big changes were coming when AMD gobbled up ATI.  We're in for an interesting couple of years.

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