The Cost & Savings Of Broadband

Although many people will agree a broadband connection is valuable, a recent study tells us just how valuable it really is. The study, released by the broadband advocacy group Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA), claims the value a broadband connection is about $7,700 per year. Compared to the expected cost of a broadband connection ($490), this savings is significant.

This savings comes from various places, including bargain hunting online. The study claims an average U.S. family can save more than $2,700 each year in entertainment and more than $1,500 in travel costs. Other savings include nearly $1,000 per year by shopping for rental listings online and more than $950 in food by shopping online.

The $7,700 figure doesn't include many of the intangible benefits broadband also provides such as information about jobs, better communication with friends and family, easier access to information on healthcare, and much more.

"Broadband is a great investment for penny-pinchers," said Bruce Mehlman, cochairman of the IIA.