Tesla To Live Stream First Model 3 EV Deliveries Friday Evening

model 3 1
The biggest electric vehicle launch of the year is about to commence tomorrow. Tesla CEO Elon Musk already informed us that the first customer deliveries of the highly anticipated Model 3 would take place on July 28th, but we’re now learning that the event will be live streamed for a global audience.

The streaming event will take place starting at 11:45PM EST on Tesla’s homepage, and we’ll see the keys to the first 30 vehicles handed over to likely anxious buyers. The Model 3 is priced from $35,000 before state and federal tax credit/rebates are taken into consideration, but Musk reckons that the average selling price of the vehicle will slightly over $40,000 once customers start piling on options.

The Model 3 looks a shrunken Model S with a slightly out of proportion greenhouse (to preserver headroom). However, there is supposedly ample room for five in the vehicle and plenty of cargo space divvied between the rear trunk and front-mounted “trunk”. The vehicle will be able to stealthily dash to 60 mph in less than six seconds and Musk claims that driving range will be at least 215 miles upon release. However, it’s rather curious that we haven’t seen any official EPA mileage figures for the vehicle considering that the launch is just hours away.

tesla charging

Although the allotment of 30 vehicles seems incredibly small, Tesla will more than triple that number next month to 100. That number will swell to 1,500 per month in September and if all goes according to plan, Tesla will produce 30,000 vehicles per month by the end of December.

That’s a pretty lofty production goal, but not many of us actually believed that Tesla would be able to start Model 3 production in time for Q4 2017. But where we are one quarter early, so we’ll give the company the benefit of the doubt.