Elon Musk Tweets Pictures Of First Production Tesla Model 3 EV

model 3 1
Here it is, the first production Tesla Model 3 EV to roll off the assembly line. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted earlier this week that the first Model 3 would roll be completed on Friday, and he took to Twitter once again early this morning to post two images of the pint-sized EV.

Not surprisingly, the Model 3 looks like a shrunken down Model S, albeit one with a slightly out-of-proportion greenhouse that looks a bit too tall for its frame. With that being said, it’s still a relatively attractive compact sedan, and remains one of the few low-priced EVs that doesn’t scream “econobox” a la the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt.

According to Musk, Tesla board member Ira Ehrenpreis was actually the first person to put down a down despots it on the vehicle. So, the vehicle you see above (and below) should have gone to Ehrenpreis without question. However, Ehrenpreis instead decided to give up his rights to the vehicle and let Musk have it instead to celebrate his 46th birthday.

As we previously reported, the first 30 vehicles set aside for paying customers will be delivered on July 28th. Production of the Model 3 will then quickly ramp, with 100 vehicles rolling off the line in August, while output should raise to 1,500 per month in September. By the end of the year, Tesla expects that it will be able to handle a production rate of 30,000 Model 3 EVs per month.

model 3 2

The Model 3 is a rear-wheel drive EV, with a single, rear-mounted electric motor. Musk has promised, however, that an all-wheel drive option will be available in the future, as will the ever-popular Ludicrous Mode performance option. The Model 3 has both a rear trunk and a front-mounted “frunk”, and has seating for five passengers. 0 to 60 mph times for the EV are pegged at 5.6 seconds in base form, and the driving range is in excess of 215 miles.

As for pricing, the Model 3 starts at $35,000 before a federal tax credit ($7,500) and any applicable state EV credit and/or rebates. For comparison, the Chevrolet Bolt starts at $37,495 before credits/rebates.