Tesla To Host Grand Opening For Ginormous Gigafactory Model 3 Battery Plant July 29th

tesla model III
Tesla has just made it official that its much-anticipated Gigafactory will have its grand opening on July 29th. The company itself hasn't issued a public statement on this event, but invites have already been sent out to Tesla owners and others in Tesla's good graces.

To say that those who get invited by Tesla is an exclusive club would be an understatement. To qualify for the invite, a person had to act as a referrer to at least five others who ultimately ended up purchasing a Model S. Think being able to purchase a Model S is a luxury? Imagine being able to convince five (or more) friends to snatch one up, too!

Tesla Gigafactory
Tesla's Gigafactory 1 should help reduce the cost of its vehicle batteries

The invitation reads:

Congratulations on winning tickets to the upcoming Gigafactory Grand Opening! We appreciate your support and participation in the Referral Program.
We are excited to announce that the Gigafactory Grand Opening event will take place on the evening of Friday, July 29th at our facility outside Reno, Nevada.

While the grand opening will occur in July, the plant won't reach its peak until much later. At launch, the factory will have 1.9 million square feet of space, but in time, that will expand to an impressive 13 million feet.

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It's Tesla's intention to use its first Gigafactory as a way to improve battery production so much that costs can be brought down dramatically, both on the batteries used in its automobiles, and for its Powerwall in-home energy solutions. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said that this factory will help deliver $100 billion in revenue to the state within the first two decades - yet another mind-boggling statistic.