Tesla Model S Could Adopt Outlandish Model X Bioweapon Filter And Gain 100kWh Battery This Week

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After unveiling its entry-level Model 3 EV over a week ago, Tesla Motors is set to deliver some more goodies for its existing product portfolio this week. The popular and incredibly expensive Model S will reportedly crib a feature found in its larger Model X sibling: the Bioweapon Defense Mode.

The Bioweapon Defense Mode is activated using a button on the dashboard, creates positive pressure within the cabin and relies on a massive HEPA filter (10 times larger than those found in typical vehicles) to fend off any unwanted, harmful particles. During the Model X unveil in September, Tesla CEO Elon Musk jokingly claimed that his company was “trying to be a leader in apocalyptic defense scenarios.”

model x HEPA filter
Tesla Model X HEPA filter compared to a traditional automobile filter

While the Bioweapon Defense Mode may be a bit of overkill, the Model S is also rumored to gain one new box on the option sheet that will be of much greater benefit to drivers: a 100kWh battery option. We first brought you news of the Model S P100D in early March, but The Verge’s sources are saying that the longer-running battery pack will be available to order starting this week. The current 90kWh Model S P90 and P90D have EPA driving ranges of 288 miles and 253 miles respectively, so the 100kWh battery option should at least push the former over the magic 300-mile mark.

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As we reported last week, the Model S will also receive some “luxury-minded appointments” to its interior to bring it line with similarly-priced fossil fuel-burning competitors. Other updates on tap for the Model S mid-cycle refresh include reshaped LED headlights, and an updated front clip that will draw styling cues from both the Model 3 and the Model X.

These new features and the larger 100kWh battery option are sure to drive the price of the Model S even higher. The base Model S 70D currently starts at $75,000, while stepping up to the mid-range 90D takes you to $88,000. The range-topping P90D starts at $108,000.