Tesla Model S Reportedly On Fast Track To Receive More Luxurious Interior, Price Hike

model s
Given that Tesla Motors already has a lot on its hands addressing supply issues with the Model X (namely parts related to its Falcon Wing rear doors) and figuring out how to meet demand for 325,000 preorders of the Model 3, you’d think that the company wouldn’t have much time to focus on much else. Well, you’d be wrong, because a new report claims that the breakthrough Model S is about to be receive what could be described as a mid-cycle refresh.

At the top of the agenda for Tesla is to add more “luxury-minded appointments” to the interior. The interior of the vehicle will also receive the ventilated seats from the Model X crossover and more storage compartments. The interior updates address what has likely been the biggest criticism of the vehicle since its introduction in 2012. The Model S may definitely have the looks and the performance to compete with (or rather destroy) the best from Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and Audi, but its interior is a completely different story.

Tesla Interior

While we’d be hard-pressed to call the interior “cheap,” it’s definitely not befitting of a vehicle that can far surpass the $100,000 mark. Go sit inside a $100,000 Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series or Audi A8, then sit inside a Model S — the difference is astounding. What makes the interior deficiencies even more apparent is the fact that luxury vehicles costing half as much (or even less) have richer appointments and finishes than the Model S.

The Model S will also reportedly receive some tweaks to its nose to bring it closer in line visually with the Model X and Model 3, along with updated LED headlights. All of these goodies are also expected to push the price of the Model S even higher, putting further distance between it and the new entry-level Model 3.

Tesla didn’t comment specifically on any new feature updates to the Model S, which will reportedly come as soon as next week, but did note, “We have let customers know that some price changes will take effect in early April.”