Tesla Energy Powerwall And Powerpack Batteries Will Revolutionize Energy Storage For Homes, Businesses

Elon Musk isn’t just content with revolutionizing the electric vehicle market; he also has a hand in revolutionizing rockets and cargo deliveries to the International Space Station (ISS) with SpaceX, and even has a [smaller] hand in the solar industry with SolarCity. Musk is now branching out into the home energy market leveraging technology that we’ve seen previously with Tesla Motors and SolarCity.

Tesla Energy encompasses new battery systems that are being targeted at both home users and businesses, as we have previously discussed. The first system, the lithium-ion-powered Powerwall, has the most relevance to HotHardware readers. It is available in 7 kWh ($3,000) and 10 kWh ($3,500) versions and is aimed squarely at home users. Tesla has been testing Powerwall for the past year, but has kept its existence mostly secret from the prying public.

Using a Powerwall, homeowners will be able to benefit in a number of different scenarios. In its most simple form, the Powerwall serves as an emergency backup, powering your home in the event of a power outage. But things get really interesting in the next two scenarios. With load shifting, homeowners can charge their battery during period where utility rates are low and discharge it when the rates are higher. But the most exotic solution has to be when combined with solar power generation. Any surplus solar energy that is harnessed and not used by a household can be stored within the battery to be used when the sun is not shining.

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Tesla is offering a 10-year warranty on the Powerwall, which can be mounted either indoors or outdoors (although with it sleek design and the multitude of colors that the Powerwall will be offered in, it might look best mounted on a wall in your garage). The company has initiated a reserve system for the batteries, which you can access now, and deliveries will begin this Summer.

A more robust system, the Powerpack, will be an “infinitely scalable system” aimed at businesses. The Powerpack will be sold in 100 kWh “battery blocks” which can be scaled to an incredible 10 MWh and higher. Tesla will begin taking orders for the system later this year.

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“With Tesla Energy, Tesla is amplifying its efforts to accelerate the move away from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy future with Tesla batteries, enabling homes, business, and utilities to store sustainable and renewable energy to manage power demand, provide backup power and increase grid resilience,” said Tesla in a statement.

Tony Stark Elon Musk is really wants to revolutionize the world, and he and his band of merry men and women are definitely off to a great start.