Tencent Describes How PUBG Mobile Cheaters And Hackers Are Fried In The Sizzling Ban Pan

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Like all battle royale games, PUBG Mobile is often the target of relentless cheaters and hackers. Tencent notes that for a while now, it has been working to improve the Cheating Detection services it offers. The devs are now talking about what they have been doing to curb cheating and hacking, while indicated that they are 100 percent committed to a fair gameplay experience for everyone.

Tencent talked about some hacking myths that aren't true, including one that says hackers who spend money don't get banned. The devs say that the amount of money spent has no impact on punishment for cheating. The devs also note that all hackers will be caught, even those using VIP Cheats. Tencent makes no money off cheats, a common myth according to the company.

ban pan

Tencent also notes that cheat bans happen in real-time; there is no once daily, weekly, or monthly ban schedule. Tencent notes that it has a "fantastic" Game Security Team that is continually working to monitor, identify, and remove cheaters in the game -- placing in the "ban pan" so to speak. The first line is software that scans for suspect software and modified game data. Tencent says most cheat software is "fairly easy" to spot. The second line of defense is something Tencent won't talk details on as it doesn't want to give cheat writers an edge.

That second line is essentially looking for "impossible events in-game." Tencent says that the final layer is watching players in-game. If they suspect a player is cheating but can't prove it, someone observes the player in-game. Tencent notes that players reporting cheaters helps. However, it points out that not all improbable shots are cheating. Some players are vastly better and luckier than others.

Lag or packet loss also contributes to shots that seem unlikely. In short, Tencent is saying just because you think someone is cheating, doesn't mean they are. Tencent also notes that in the future, it will have new ways to communicate what it is working on with players and will be fielding new ways to detect cheating. In other recent PUBG News, Amazon Prime members can get free loot for the game, as announced back in September.