Amazon Prime Now Includes Free Game Content Starting With PUBG, Here's The Loot Drop Schedule

Twitch and Amazon have announced that Amazon Prime members will now get free mobile game content along with the Twitch Prime benefits that they have already been receiving for PC and console games. The first mobile game to give members free loot will be PUBG Mobile from Tencent Games. Prime members will get the Infiltrator Jacket, Infiltrator Pants, and Infiltrator shoes to complete the Prime exclusive set. However, as the saying goes, but wait there's more.

pubg twitch prime

Prime members will also get the Black Magma Parachute and the new Blood Oath Karabiner 98K. The new PUBG loot is dropping on a weekly schedule. Some of the loot is permanently added to your collection, but some of it is only for 30 days of use. The loot drop schedule is below:

  • Drop 1, 9/20/19–10/3/19: Infiltrator Mask (permanent item)
  • Drop 2, 10/04/19–10/17/19: Infiltrator Jacket (permanent item)
  • Drop 3, 10/18/19–10/31/19: Infiltrator Shoes (permanent item)
  • Drop 4, 11/01/19–11/14/19: Infiltrator Pants (permanent item)
  • Drop 5, 11/15/19–11/28/19: Epic Level Gun, Blood Oath — Kar98 (30-day use token)
  • Drop 6, 11/29/19–12/12/19: Epic Level Black Magma Parachute (30-day use token)

Twitch does note that the loot isn't available in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or embargoed countries. The mobile loot content is only claimable in-game. For gamers with PUBG Mobile installed on their device, the game needs to be updated to the latest version. Once the PUBG is launched, players will see a banner that showcases the offer and can tap the banner to claim it.

Players who don't see the banner can go to "events" and tap on the Amazon Prime option to claim the loot. Gamers who don't currently have the game installed on their device can download the game and then launch it to claim the loot. The loot is also claimable using the 30-day free trial of Prime. Earlier this summer, Twitch Prime was giving bonus loot in GTA Online and Red Dead Online.  This is the first installment of game loot for Prime members but word is there's more on the way with other titles as well.

You can lean about the benefits of Amazon Prime and register here if you'd like.