Ten Of The Best April Fool's Day Hoaxes

If you've done any browsing today, you've probably stumbled across a ton of corny April Fool's Day jokes already. From recalled GeForce 8800 cards to 10,000 Watt power supplies, the stories seem to be endless today. Even Google has gotten in on the action.

Keeping with the spirit of the day, Breitbart (by way of the San Diego Museum of Hoaxes) has compiled a list of 10 of the best April Fool's day hoaxes of all time. There aren't many hardware or technology related hoaxes, but still a fun read for those of you looking to kill a little time on a Sunday afternoon.

"From television revealing that spaghetti grows on trees to advertisements for the left-handed burger, the tradition of April Fool's Day stories in the media has a weird and wonderful history. Here are 10 of the top April Fool's Day pranks ever pulled off, as judged by the San Diego-based Museum of Hoaxes for their notoriety, absurdity, and number of people duped."