Telecom Trade Group Sues To Terminate FCC Net Neutrality Rules

Well, that didn’t take long. It was only a week ago that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler predicted lawsuits would challenge the FCC’s classification of broadband Internet service as a utility – and fail. Today, the United States Telecom Association set out to prove him wrong. The industry trade group filed a lawsuit that asserts the reclassification violates federal law.

“In challenging the legality of the FCC’s Open Internet order, USTelecom believes the FCC used the wrong approach to implementing net neutrality standards, which our industry supports and incorporates into everyday business practices,” said USTelecom President Walter McCormic in a statement today.

The FCC is facing legal challenges to its attempt to protect net neutrality

The FCC published its reclassification of broadband Internet as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act today. The move is an effort to prevent carriers from imposing pricing on heavy broadband users that could, many users believe, stifle fledging companies that rely on Internet access for their products. Large, established online companies like Neftlix also support net neutrality rules.

Companies opposed to the FCC’s move will likely be filing in the next 10 days to improve their chances of bring the lawsuit to the circuit they prefer, so expect to see more challenges for the  next week. If the lawsuits fail, as Wheeler expects, the rule will take effect in mid-June.