Teens Use Glossy Paper to Prank Speed Cams

When we were a teenagers, we might TP the house of someone we disliked. Some Maryland teenagers instead have figured out how to fool speed cameras by spoofing the license plates of their "enemies," resulting in those spoofed receiving unwarranted speeding tickets.

Students have dubbed the prank the "Speed Camera Pimping Game." Originating from
Wootton High School, students duplicate the license plates by printing plate numbers on glossy photo paper, using fonts that are similar to those on Maryland license plates. They then run by a speed camera, so that those they feel have "wronged them" receive a citation in the mail.

Ironically, the school says it is a "Blue Ribbon School of Excellence." Excellence at pranking, apparently.

Unsurprisingly, the Montgomery County Police say they are unaware of this prank.said they have not seen or heard of this prank. However, they said they will keep an eye out for it.

Montgomery County Council President Phil Andrews said that the issue is troubling, in more than one way:
"I am concerned that someone could get hurt, first of all, because they are speeding in areas where they know speeding is a problem. It will cause potential problems for the Speed Camera Program in terms of the confidence in it."
Too late for that, we think.


The speed cameras in Montgomery County haven't been warmly received. One person even went so far as to create a Google Earth KML file mapping the locations of the cameras.