Teens Are Biggest Voice Search Users, Want Their Phones To Deliver Pizza

Teenagers are usually quick to adapt to technology, so it shouldn't be too surprising that teens are the ones embracing hands-free search. According to the results of Google's Mobile Voice Study, 55 percent of teenagers between the age of 13-18 years old use voice search on a daily basis, versus 41 percent of adults.

"Voice search is a key feature of the Google app that's becoming ever more important as people spend more time on their mobile phones," said Scott Huffman, Google's Vice President for Conversational Search. "We wanted to learn more about how people of all ages use Google hands-free on their phones. We found that for teens, voice search comes as naturally as checking social media and they're getting very creative about how (and where) they use it. The study gives us great ideas about new ways we could help people — maybe even help them find their keys and other elusive objects."

Google Voice Search Infographic
Source: Google - click to enlarge full infographic

The study asked teens to pick out one thing they wish their phones could do for them, with 45 percent selecting "send me a pizza." Adults, on the other hand, selected "tell me where my keys are" more than any other response, though grownups also showed an affinity for pizza delivery (36 percent).

Google's study is filled with all kinds of fun stats. For example, 22 percent of teens use voice search while in the bathroom compared to 15 percent of adults. Teens are also more likely to use voice search with friends around at 57 percent, whereas adults are a bit more reserved (24 percent). But when it comes to cooking, adults trump teens at 23 percent versus 8 percent.

It's also interesting to see what teens and adults use voice search most often for. Among teens, the top five uses are to call someone, ask for directions, help with homework, play a song, and to find out movie times. For adults, the top five voice search queries are to ask for directions, dictate texts, call someone, check the time, and play a song.