Tech Pioneers And Bitter Rivals Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Subject of Upcoming Broadway Musical

The two men arguably most responsible for the technological landscape we find ourselves in today will be the subject of a new comedy musical set to open on Broadway next April. We're of course talking about Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, two of the most influential men who took different albeit parallel paths.

Appropriately enough, the musical is called "Nerds," a term that wasn't always said with affection. Both Gates and Jobs come from an era when calling someone a nerd was considered somewhat derogatory, and advanced technology to the point where "nerd" and "geek" are both commonly used as terms of endearment. At the very least, it's no longer uncool to be considered one or the either.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

"Before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were the undisputed titans of technology, they were Nerds. Join America’s favorite garage inventors on a hilarious musical journey from the floppy disc era to the iPhone phenomenon, and the epic competition in between, that would revolutionize modern culture as we know it," the musical's description reads.

As befitting of the musical's central subjects, the production will be a high-tech affair featuring "the most progressive technology seen on Broadway." Think holograms, projection mapping, and even app integration so that users can interact with the set and other audience members. Heck, viewers will even be able to choose the show's ending.

"We’re thrilled to add a jolt of comedy to this already astounding theater season, with this hilarious tale of the Founding Fathers of Tech, from a creative team stacked with new voices," said producer Carl Levin. "While fine-tuning and re-coding the show for this exciting launch, we’ve also been exploring innovative ways to enhance the ‘user experience’ inside the theater, for a uniquely entertaining event – compatible for Broadway audiences of all generations."

Barring any cruel twists of fate, Gates will get to see the musical, if he so chooses. While retired from Microsoft, Gates is very much alive and these days neck deep in philanthropic efforts led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Sadly, Jobs is no longer of this world, having succumbed to cancer in October 2011 at age 56. There have been numerous books and movies about him since his passing, though none as potentially lighthearted and fun as this musical is expected to be.