Steve Jobs Biography Sells 379,000 Copies in First Week

Say what you want about Steve Jobs, but whatever your opinion of the man, the guy could sell an iPod. And an iPhone and an iPad and a MacBook, and pretty much anything with an Apple logo and the letter "i" slapped in front. This was part of his genius, the ability to market and sell goods and services to an insatiable public, so is it any surprise that his authorized biography is proving immensely popular too?

His biography, written by Walter Isaacson, has sold more than 379,000 copies in the U.S. during the first six days it was made available. To put that in perspective, no book has done as well in its first six week since George W. Bush's Decision Points and Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth were published in 2010.

The next best selling book right now is The Litigators by an author you might have heard of: John Grisham. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography has outsold it by a measure of more than three-to-one so far, and is the 18th best selling book of the year. Not bad for a computer geek who sold electronics.