TeamGroup's T-Force Siren All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler Keeps Your SSD Chilly Too

TeamGroup T-Force Siren liquid cooler
It's fair to say that when it comes to liquid cooling, most people are focused on bringing a chill to their processor and/or graphics card. There are solutions that exist to liquid cool RAM and storage as well, they're just far less common. The market just got a little bit bigger, though—in what is claimed to be a first. TeamGroup is rolling out an all-in-one liquid cooling solution for the CPU and SSD with addressable RGB lighting.

This is an expansion of the T-Force Siren series and it will be interesting to see if it proves popular. Not too many people bother with liquid cooling their SSD, though if it comes by way of a dual-purpose AIO cooler that's also focused on the CPU, then perhaps more people will embrace the concept. The question is, will it really matter?

Heat is the generally the enemy of electronics (kind of), and when an SSD's controller chip gets toasty, it throttles reads and writes. Leveling up the cooling scheme could potentially help sustain peak performance for longer periods of time, the same as with the CPU and GPU. But to what extent is something that would require testing and benchmarking.

In any event, the T-Force Siren CPU/SSD cooler gives users the option to chill their M.2 2280 form factor SSD. It looks like it will stand tall in your PC, so potential buyers will have to make sure there is room to accommodate the apparatus.

"The T-Force Siren series all-in-one liquid cooling system allows gamers to solve both CPU and SSD heating issues with an easy installation and helps provide stable operation when both components are under heavy loads, contributing to longer hardware lifespans. Its ARGB dual water block design can also display a wide array of dazzling lights, giving players the freedom to create their own unique, eye-catching PC rig," TeamGroup explains.

TeamGroup says the T-Force Siren SSD/CPU cooler supports a bunch of AMD and Intel sockets, including LGA 1700 for Alder Lake builds. As to pricing and availability, those details are not yet available.