Tax lifted on broadband internet services, Hardware [M]adness in 2004, and more!

The news is moving at a slow crawl this weekend, but have no fear, it will be back to normal once the week starts. Heh, yesterday a friend brought over his computer because it wasn't working... well come to find out it stopped working when his CPU Fan broke, and he used the computer any ways... while it was overclocked ;) As dumb as it sounds, he's still fairly new to computers and only used it to finish a school report. However this was unlike the time another customer had his CPU Fan stop working, I told him not to use it, and he insisted he had to because of a tournament he had to play in... now that is good stuff :D

Hardware [M]adness in 2004: a Recap @ Madshrimps

"The year is ending in a few short days. In looking back a few months ago, we, the enthusiasts certainly could say "what a year!""

Tax lifted on broadband internet services @ The Inquirer

"Now this is some excellent news. At this point in time I feel the internet should not be taxed. However, if our nations debt continues to grow, and/or other taxed services become obsolete because of the internet, a tax might be needed sometime in the future. I really don't want one, but if our schools, police and fire departments are under funded, and we can't get the funds from anywhere else, then I wouldn't mind paying a tax." - Matt

Bytecc 2.5in USB 2.0 Aluminum External HDD Enclosure @ XYZ Computing

"The first thing you'd notice taking this Bytecc Hot Drive is the impressive slimness of the entire enclosure. Sure we've all seen a 2.5" inch drive, but this is a great size and looked like it could take some abuse. "Abuse" meaning you could actually use it- there's no room for fragile and cheaply made accessories in my notebook bag."

Sunbeam Samurai ATX Case @ LAN Addict

"So, after having gone through all of this, what do I think of the Sunbeam Samurai case? Well, I certainly think you could do a lot worse than to buy this case. Yes, it has it's share of flaws, but I think that most of them are pretty minor."

Seagate 120GB SATA 7200.7 HDD Review @ Mikhailtech

"A while back we took a peak at Seagate's 200GB USB drive combo and were very impressed with its quality. Today we have a newer model up for evaluation, the 120GB SATA Barracuda 7200.7. Keep in mind this isn't the newest drive currently on the market; Seagate recently announced their 7200.8 series featuring native command queuing (NCQ) and lower 8ms access times. Supposedly this technology outperforms standard 10,000RPM SATA and PATA drives; even WD's Raptor may get a run for its money."